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 Week 5 results

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PostSubject: Week 5 results   Fri Oct 16, 2009 10:49 pm

Sorry about the slackage, but here they are...Todd had a great week, and Miami came through for me and let me not have a horrible week...It was still bad, but The Dolphins winning helped me. Props to Brandon, Tood, and my Dad for being the only ones with enough balls to pick the Browns. Nice week by my pop and Brandon overall btw.

Team Name Points
The Lovemaker 84
fine gay cannibals 82
Edward Martin Davis 80
Delightful Afternoon'08 Champ 76
Zimmerman 73
Ryan...The King 72
TJack36 64
See No Evil 62
Big Red 61
Madden 61
JOel Hale 0

Rank Pick Set Name Total Points W-L
1 THÖR'S HAMMER™ 488 54-22
2 Zimmerman 475 55-21
3 Delightful Afternoon'08 Champ 466 51-25
4 Ryan...The King 465 53-23
5 The Lovemaker 458 51-25
6 TJack36 445 55-21
7 fine gay cannibals 428 44-32
8 Big Red 409 50-26
9 Edward Martin Davis 400 48-28
10 Madden 375 42-34
11 See No Evil 326 42-34
12 JOel Hale 62 17-59

[center]First play of the game....

Touchdown, King
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PostSubject: Re: Week 5 results   Sun Oct 18, 2009 3:36 pm

Joel Hale. Really? Is this person real? I know it takes around 20 seconds to put in the effort, and you can definitely do it almost from anywhere in America right now. I saw a dude on the side of the highway yesterday that said free B J's for free Wifi's. Who is Joel Hale, the kid in class that sleeps from bell to bell, smells like cigarettes and curve, and tries to cheat off of the dumb fucks who sit next to him cause he doesn't know any better? Or maybe it's a social experiment of charity bestowed on the middle class. He and his chums all entered various sporting leagues with no intention whatsoever of chiming in to "give back" and make sure no one feels like they're in last place. He took just a couple of seconds off from Eating lobster, yachting, and smoking the Declaration of Independence to raise his foot up just long enough to catch a glimpse of what he had been stepping on his entire life. Well now the foots down, and so is mine!!! I'm not a psychic or soothsayer Mr. Hale, but I'm pretty sure I could beat your ass at picking teams everyweek if I randomly bashed my knuckles against my laptop for 3 minutes everyweek. What would Jesus Do?
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Football God
Football God

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PostSubject: Re: Week 5 results   Sun Oct 18, 2009 9:12 pm

lol wtf^ Joel is a good kid, my Nephew and in HS and a star Defensive TE. I have a feeling he doesn't see this as a priority. Think back Mr. Hoe. What was your priority in HS? A good game of hide the sausage and not pick'em I would bet.

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PostSubject: Re: Week 5 results   

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Week 5 results
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