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 Welcome to the greatest Fantasy Football League around!

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PostSubject: Welcome to the greatest Fantasy Football League around!   Sat Sep 06, 2008 12:51 pm

Quote :
Welcome to the greatest Fantasy Football League around! Welcome back if you're back, and just plain welcome if you're new. This year is going to top them all, and I have been looking foward to it since last year. There will be people looking for redemption (Jim, me, some others), people looking to continue their beginner's luck (Mark & Andy), and people looking to repeat as champions (Ben and Dan). Take note of some changes this year. There are 6 teams making the playoffs this year, because we will have at least 12 people again. Also there is a new position, which is the WR/RB. This is called a "slash" spot, and all it means is that you can put a Running Back or Wide Reciever in that starting slot on your team. I added it just to make things more interesting. With all that being said, I am glad to see that we are almost starting football, and be on the lookout for the date for the Draft.

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Welcome to the greatest Fantasy Football League around!
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