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 Week 2 adjustment

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PostSubject: Week 2 adjustment   Sun Sep 21, 2008 11:00 am

Hey everyone,

I noticed that people's scores have dropped. I was looking for a pattern and or an answer for this and I saw that everyone's 16 pointer from week 2 was adjusted and made their 15 pointer. What they did was just erase the Baltimore Houston game and played it like it was a 15 game week, thus giving everyone points 1-15 to work with, instead of 16.

Now here is how your scores got affected: I will use Jim as an example, and also since he was the one that called me with concern. Jim's original score was 118, but now it shows that he has 106, which is a difference of 12 points. Jim's actual record was 12-3 (again, there was only 15 games this weekend) so he lost a point with every correct game, since all the confidence points got knocked down 1 point. For instance, his 16 pointer originally was the Steelers winning over the Browns. They won, and he originally got 16 points for it, but when they adjusted it he only got 15. Take that and apply it to all his games and that equals a difference of 12 points. It didn't affect anyone's places, because Dan and I originally tied, and we still did despite the adjustment.

Hope this clears it all up.

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Week 2 adjustment
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