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 L.O.L. 2010 Division 2 DRAFT ReCAP & GRADES

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PostSubject: L.O.L. 2010 Division 2 DRAFT ReCAP & GRADES   Sun Aug 29, 2010 1:35 pm

Division 2:


This team is pretty stacked to me. If the RB do what they are projected then this team is downright scary. Randy Moss, Colston, Mario Manningham all are great WR who could loom hUgE in fantasy production. The DALLAS Defense is going to unleash some pain on its opponents this season. Really good job drafting. I'm impressed. Eli and his giant cotton gin could produce fantastic #'s this seas. Eli could be out for blood, if he can keep his own. Not really any questionable picks though, and for that I applaud this team. Must be a bucs fan taking that ole Caddy. Good draft son.... bring it!
Draft Grade: B+


Also a great job drafting here. Love the Montario Hardesty pickup. Hate the Ocho Stinko pickup, thats not to say it wont pay off. You must be a subscriber to his Twitter thing. Jennings, Maclin, Flacco, Grant, are all great pickups. you must have had a great draft slot... oh wait, you had #1 overall, yeah, thats how you got C.J. yeah, you got C.J. also, great job of drafting C.J. and not derek Anderson 1st overall. Dolphins D could suprise this year. Shayne Graham could be awesome. Also Kevin plays TE like a BOSS! Did i mention, great job on drafting C.J. and also your eXplicit verbal usage @ the draft was tops.
Draft Grade: B


Run Ricky Run! The Dolphins production could actually tell the story of this teams legend status or the demise of HAVOK. The pickups of Andre Johnson, Green Bay D, & Jermichael stand out to me the most. Will Cutler throw more TD's this season and does he have a better O-Line? Starting Cutler against Packers d could be Fantasy Life threatning. Golden Tate should show some promise. Percy Harvin has talent and I believe that your team can go far this season. In other words, this team could Wreak HAVOK! Good Luck.... i dont play you this season, which sucks, i'd dominate this team.
Draft Grade: B-


Dont take this personal, but i really dont like your team at all and feel free to comment on the dismay. I absolutely hate the reggie bush pickup if your starting him.... good luck with that. The so called prodigy out of The University of Spoiled Children has not produced in recent years like he was supposed to. I mean, dont get me wrong, i love the bush, just not this bush. I do like the Meachem / Roddy / AP pickups... obvious AP pickup w/ #2. Nate Kaeding, Steelers D, good pickups. Listen, the team isnt that bad.. Carson has an amazing season,maybe, which i guess could happen if those 2 stay out of trouble. Pitts D is still 1 of the tops to me. Good Luck, i hope your team atleast beats The New Guy. You have your work cut out for ya in this division.
Draft Grade: C+

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PostSubject: Re: L.O.L. 2010 Division 2 DRAFT ReCAP & GRADES   Sun Aug 29, 2010 2:01 pm

thanks for the nice draft review! Only thing I'm concerned about are my two starting rookie rb's. Both are talented but they are rookies.
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L.O.L. 2010 Division 2 DRAFT ReCAP & GRADES
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