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 L.O.L. 2010 Division 3 DRAFT ReCAP & blaaaaaah

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PostSubject: L.O.L. 2010 Division 3 DRAFT ReCAP & blaaaaaah   Sun Aug 29, 2010 2:20 pm



Tom Brady? who is he? Oh, that guy... okay, he isnt bad. Hate him worse than Reggie Bush though. I hate Michigan and yes I hate USC. Ray Rice/ Dallas Clark/ Zach Miller pickups i like. The pick i probably like the most is the Vincent Jackson pickup. That is intruiging to me. He should make a killing in the 1st 5 to 10 weeks. Great pickup man!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike Wallace should be in the upper echelon of WR this season. Thomas Jones could come along decently... i heard he was good... I dont know a whole lot about arrelious benn and i do know i knocked on him @ the draft, truth is, he could turn out huge for you... sounds like a good name for football arreliuos benn arrelious benn. I like the strategy of taking 2 defenses,seriously for matchups, but i've done this in the past and it usually doesnt work like you think it should. 2 very fast defenses here. good job drafting dude, maybe you know something i dont, but hey, who doesnt.
Draft Grade: B


OLD man Favre is back again and leading your team @ QB. Good Drafting done here. RB r decent Steven Jackson/D.Williams. Calvin Johnson & Steve Smith are go-to recievers. David Akers can kick a football, good job drafting him.Bottom line is you drafted a ton of Proven Talent and i like that route.
Draft Grade: B

Our Lady Of Perpetual Heresy:

Also a very good draft here. Rodgers at the helm of QB, Reggie Wayne, Felix Jones, Johnathan Stewart. Dwayne Bowe & Desean Jackson, this team has speed. Michael Bush could produce some damage if stays healthy. I have no idea who this Kareeeem Huggggins character is. But I guess I might find out soooner than later???? Good drafting! I like this strategic style, go for speed and let the chips fall where they may.
Draft Grade: B


I like the Ivory pickup. That guy is destined to run 1 back in a washed up backups in preseason game. oh wait, he already did. We'll see if he makes the team, if he doesnt, someone can use this guy. What a freak of nature this guy is. He is very fast and I like this pick more than any other you made, okay, maybe the Drew Brees pick was good too. RB r GREENE n' MCCOY. I like the picks there. T.O. / Malcolm "pink" Floyd / Steve Smith (CAROLINA) all great pickups. especailly the T.O. pickup late when you stole him from my grasp b4 i could pick him up... you took him and then i was not depressed at all about it. If he plays as well as he is capable of.... your team could put up huge points... especially with the whole ROB BIRONAS pickup as well. okay, here is your grade for your drafting ability
Draft Grade: A-

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L.O.L. 2010 Division 3 DRAFT ReCAP & blaaaaaah
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