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 * THÖR'S HAMMER™ - aka 3X out of 4 Champ

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PostSubject: * THÖR'S HAMMER™ - aka 3X out of 4 Champ   Sun Sep 12, 2010 10:54 pm

couple of things.....
Posted by: THÖR'S HAMMER™

Posted on Yahoo: 9/10 11:14 am

1. If you know that the SuperBowl champs have won their home opener since 1988, how can you not put 16 confidence point on Thursdays game?

2. If your forum name is different than your pickem name, When you post on here, it helps if you aka your pickem name so we can tell what team you are.

GL this season. You'll need it.

- Thor's Hammer aka The Oracle


couple things part 2...
Posted by: THÖR'S HAMMER™

Message ID: 4 9/10 3:09 pm

I should note:

1. Royalty is the one that reminded me of that trend so props where props belong. On the other hand, he didn't take his own advice only going with 8 confidence.

2. Jason aka grundles and whoever the other guy is gets a free pass cause they didn't join until after the fact and Jason told me his pick of who dat over the vikes.

anyway, just the first game. still a long way to go. (we have 266 more to go Smile

* THÖR'S HAMMER™ - aka 3X Champ

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* THÖR'S HAMMER™ - aka 3X out of 4 Champ
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